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Collaborative Statement
Toni Mosley and Susan Heggestad

We have been working together since the fall of 2002, when our paths crossed at the State University of New York at Buffalo. We felt an instant affinity for one another, and shared a Midwestern upbringing (Colorado and South Dakota, respectively). Individually, our practices as printmakers tended to respond to our preoccupations with human geography and the spirituality of place. Collaboratively our works explore how people understand and connect with their surroundings and how we develop and communicate this sense of place.
After completing our degrees, we have since relocated (a number of times). Toni now resides in New Zealand, and Susan once again resides in South Dakota. Our interest in collaborative work has continued, and now our series of work has continued via postal mail. The transatlantic nature of our collaboration has changed our own sense of space; suddenly our environment and locality has had to expand to meet each other’s. The work becomes a visual conversation between us through our use of color and composition, until we feel an image is complete. It is an on-going process; some pieces are completed, while others are still in progress.

collaborations with Toni Mosley
Mixed media on paper